Exceptional vehicle  

with real unique selling points 


>> No predecessor and no successor model. 


>> At car meetings and rallies you are an avant-garde exception that attracts positive attention. 

Investment with a high potential for value growth 


>> An increasing demand meets a small availability of very well maintained vehicles. 


>> Maintenance is secured in the long term by an excellent supply of spare parts (mainly through the Ro 80 Club) and technical support from workshops and specialists. 

We offer expert assistance with the purchase and competent contacts for sales or "succession planning". You can download our detailed buyers guide directly here: 

Then as now  

"Succes through Engineering" 


>> Wankel engine meanwhile very reliable.  


>> Great driving pleasure: excellent road holding, good suspension comfort, smooth turbine-like engine sound, high continuous speed, standard selective automatic, power steering, good all-round visibility, space for 5 persons, large trunk, good workmanship.