The Wankel-Journal was created in 1996 by merging the magazines "Die Trochoide" (Germany) and "Die Wankelscheibe" (Switzerland) and has since then been the official organ of the Ro 80 Club International e.V. - Association for Rotary Technology and the NSU Ro 80 Club of Switzerland (member of SDHM/ASVE).  

In addition to news from club life, the Wankel-Journal offers a whole variety of reports from members, technical explanations, historical observations and current developments in the field of rotary technology. 

Publication frequency: quarterly 

Publisher: Ro 80 Club International and 

NSU Ro 80 Club of Switzerland ( 


The subscription price is included in the membership fee for both clubs. 


Editor: Heiko Rossnagel, 

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