Our club was founded in September 1979, only two years after the end of the series production of the NSU Ro 80. At the personal request of Felix Wankel, the addition "Verein für Kreiskolbentechnik" was already included in the name at that time. Therefore friends of all kinds of rotary engines are always welcome in our club.  

Let yourself be inspired by "Success through engineering" and get to know our great club services.  

You can find membership applications in different languages in the  

download area. 

We would be pleased to welcome you as a member. With an annual membership fee of 78,- Euro and a one-time admission fee of 50,- Euro you have full access to our spare parts warehouse (the admission fee is not charged if you are already a member of an NSU Club). 


For a passive membership the annual fee is only 36,- Euro (without admission fee).  

In return you will receive our club magazine "Wankel-Journal" four times a year. 

With about 1,000 members, the Ro 80 Club International e.V. is the largest association of Ro 80 drivers worldwide. We have members not only in many European countries but also in the USA, Africa, New Zealand and South Korea.  

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